WHY is a STRONG TEAM very important to us?

Because a STRONG TEAM gives us security.
Because a STRONG TEAM creates a trustworthy cohesion and we can then learn from mistakes in a relaxed manner.
Because a STRONG TEAM enables us to develop further and to reach our full potential.
Because a STRONG TEAM makes minusplus successful.

HOW do we recognize a STRONG TEAM?

1 If we want to give each other a smile at all times
2 When we support each other.
3 If we are willing to admit mistakes and learn from them.
4 When we communicate with each other in an appreciative and respectful manner.
5 When we ask for support.
6 When we take and give feedback openly.
7 If everyone is aware of his or her role and tasks and they are
8 When we emerge stronger from times of crisis.
support of the team is completely fulfilled.
9 When we seek solutions, recognise them and act accordingl



WHY is VALUE TO CREATE very important to us?

Because we want to make a contribution to the development of society.
Because then we feel successful.
Because then we are happy.
Because we then make the world a better place because it is valuable and special.

WHEREOF do we recognise that we CREATE VALUE?

1 When we have loving relationships with our customers.
2 When we create a space for development through mutual support.
3 When we see that people develop further with us.
4 When we create jobs.



WHY is JOY very important to us?

Because JOY is an important part of our life.
Because we want to create a space for happy and satisfied people.

WHEREOF do we recognise that JOY is around us?

1 When we smile.
2 When our customers smile.
3 When we radiate outwards.
4 When we stick together.
5 When we support each other.
6 When we are careful with our resources, e.g. inventory and work equipment.
7 When minusplus is a place where people like to come to work.



Why is further development very important to us?

Because further development is development.
Because development is life.
Because we grow together with development and advancement.
Because development makes people shine

WHEREOF do we recognise that we are DEVELOPING and DEVELOPING FURTHER?

1 When we unconsciously control processes and procedures.
2 When we grow with our tasks.
3 When we are productive.
4 When we remain open.
5 When we see happy faces.
6 When we are economically stable.
7 When we grow without external financing.



WHY is very important to us at minusplus AUTHENTICITY?

Because we love to work with customers to find their style. LOOK LIKE YOURSELF.
Because we want to inspire people.
Because by being authentic we pick ourselves up where we are.
Because we are credible.
Because our authenticity makes the world a more beautiful place.
Because we want to shine inside as well as outside.
Because being authentic brings balance.
Because we want to pick people up where they are.
Because we then make the right decision.

WHEREOF do we recognise that our environment is AUTHENTIC?

1 When all serve the minus plus values.
2 When we all look in the same direction – VALUES!
3 When we all pull together.
4 When we have a strong WE feeling.
5 When all employees support each other.
6 When we treat each other with respect and esteem.
7 When we communicate openly and honestly.
8 When development happens.
9 When people recognise our brand.
10 When we stick together.

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