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The minusplus method® provides you with an in-depth and innovative educational concept for hair stylists. The results are impressive:Become a hair stylist of the next generation – this approach has a sound method backing it up.

Talking to minusplus founders Hannes Trummer and David Rinner

What differentiates the minusplus educational concept from the general educational and continued-learning concept out there?

In general, educational and continued-learning concepts put their emphasize mainly on teaching the technical aspect. Examples are shown, to repeat these and practice, practice, practice – this is the main focus educational and continued-learning concepts are based on.

What do these conventional educational concepts forget to teach?

First – the foundation to be successful for the person receiving the training. Depending on the skill of the individual, success and reassurance will take time to manifest itself. Second – creativity and passion find little room in a conventional educational approach which more or less reduces the profession of a stylist to a craft.

What elements does minusplus apply in their educational concept?

The basic approach of the minusplus school consists of three steps – step one takes on the basics (emotional part), step two focuses on the physical part and step three takes on the technical part.

In step one we focus on the process of learning; here we concentrate on the „how“ and not the „what“. As an example, sharpening the perception of one’s own learning behavior, the student learns how to process feedback more effectively and to put it into practice. Especially „learning from mistakes“ is crucial in this first educational step to reduce fear and to strengthen the students self- confidence. In addition, this allows the student to garner their own experience with the tools and materials, without rules that constrain. Students who have gone through this approach are able to make better use of the support of their instructors and are achieving faster positive results.



In step two – the physical part – the student is taught the basic elements of a well-balanced haircut. This step takes advantage of learnings from the „Feldenkrais Study“ (awareness through motion) and is supported by expert instructors in this method.

Based on our natural one-hand technic (being left or right handed) working on the left or right part of a person makes a difference and allow for an imbalanced hair cut. To find the balance and to use the students movements more economically and effectively, elements of theFeldenkraismethod are integrated in the teachings.Teaching our students self-awareness allows them to relax and do their work with precision.

Minusplus is different in its way to teach and learn from your conventional approach – are there also differences in the technic they teach?

The third step of the minusplus method is all about the technic and also here the approach builds on new a concept.

The approach centers on three building blocks. -=+

These include minus-technics to reduce weight; technics to establish the frame of a haircut and plus-technics to build-up weight.Different then practiced in other schools, we do not show the different haircuts on different models but we work on the one and same Model with sometimes more than three different haircuts.

The result: Our students learn to use a modular approach in building their hair cut technics. This allows for more independent decision making freedom in creating a successful look.